Home Health Nurse Job Description

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Home health nurse job description and profile

Home health nurse job is the job where the nurses provide home care facilities to the patients. They may need to offer home care in cases of terminally ill, aged or physically disabled patients.

Home health nurse duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a home health nurse are:

  • Administering home care to patients who cannot go to the hospital
  • Assist the patients in day to day activities like bathing, dressing and general grooming
  • Assisting in movement of the patient using wheelchairs
  • Cleaning and washing the patient
  • Monitoring the vital signals of the patient
  • Assist the patient in performing exercises and physiotherapy treatments
  • Providing massages and other necessary treatments as recommended by the doctor
  • Recognize symptoms of ill health and provide appropriate medical care
  • Documenting the progress of the patient and presenting to the doctor
  • Ensure that the patient is administered medications at the right time
  • Summon the doctor in case the vital signals of the patient show a decline
  • Administer emergency care until the doctor or the ambulance arrives

Home health nurse skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of a home health nurse are:

  • Excellent communication skills to communicate with patients and sooth their worries
  • A sound knowledge about health care for critical patients
  • Must be cheerful and keep the patient in good spirits
  • Adhere to the rules of the household in which the patient resides
  • Ability to work hard
  • Ability to work with a lot of patience while dealing with patients
  • Good writing skills

Home health nurse education and qualifications

The education and qualifications required for a home health nurse are:

  • A four year nursing degree with specialization in home care is basic
  • Nursing license by the state is required

Home health nurse salary

A home nurse can earn between $55,000 and $75,000. The salary depends upon the experience and the severity of nursing care to be provided.

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