ICU Nurse Manager Job Description

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ICU Nurse Manager Job Description and Profile

The Intensive Care Unit is that ward that is devoted to treating critically ill patients requiring constant monitoring and care. The ICU nurse manager is part of the team responsible for the treatment of these patients. He or she is responsible for the management of the other personnel included in the ICU medical team. The ICU nurse manager works with the physician and provides regular and high-quality medical care to the patients. The incumbents should adhere to the medical facility’s policies and procedures and ensure adherence to medical norms and standards. The ICU nurse manager supervises the team of nurses who provide treatment to ICU patients.

ICU Nurse Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • Overseeing the complete working of the ICU
  • Ensuring timely and accurate medical care to the patients
  • Monitoring the progress of the patients
  • Hiring, training, and performance evaluation of other ICU nurses
  • Designing, implementing, and analyzing training programs
  • Advocates responsible treatment in line with the Patient Bill of Rights

ICU Nurse Manager Education, Training, and Qualifications

The ICU nurse manager should possess a two-year associate degree, a three-year hospital training diploma, or a four-year bachelor’s degree in medical field. After successfully clearing the written examination, the incumbents procure the license of a registered nurse. The individuals wanting to become successful as an ICU nurse manager should procure the necessary on-the-job training and relevant work experience as a registered nurse in a medical facility.

ICU Nurse Manager Degrees, Courses, And Certification

The individuals should complete any one of the two, three, or four-year programs offered by the community colleges. Although, certification is not necessary, several medical facilities hire individuals who possess a voluntary critical care nurse certification from the American Association of Registered Nurses. The certification requires passing a written examination after completing the required number of hours in clinical practice. Additional courses and certifications in business or office administration, and/or hospital administration are preferred by the potential employers.

ICU Nurse Manager Skills and Specifications

  • Excellent oral and writing skills
  • Quick responsiveness to tackle an emergency
  • Strong interpersonal abilities
  • Capable to empathize with critically ill patients and their relatives
  • Ability to manage and handle the smooth functioning of the facility’s intensive care unit
  • Knowledgeable on the medical policies, procedures, and guidelines

ICU Nurse Manager Salary

The average salary earned an ICU nurse manager is between $85,000 per annum and $130,000 annually.

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