Infection Control Nurse Job Description

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Infection Control Nurse Job Profile and Description

An infection control nurse deals with patients with certain infections that can be life-threatening or have a chance of becoming an epidemic. They are responsible for controlling infections and making sure that they contain the germs so that it doesn’t contaminate anything else or other human beings. Because of this, they have to isolate the sources of infection, be it people or articles, and then make people aware of how to protect themselves from such infections. They help to reduce the spread of diseases and also create strategies on how to stop the infection from spreading and become a serious issue. Recently there have been many diseases like swine flu or bird flu, where a large number of people have been affected. Infection control nurses have a very serious role to play in such situations.

Infection Control Nurse Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of an infection control nurse will involve:

  • Directly providing care to infected patients or providing consultation while assisting other nurses, doctors and physicians
  • Conduct research on infection and come up with plans to protect patients and control the infection
  • Educate people about the cause of infection and how to prevent it from spreading
  • They may to work with a particular age group or deal with a particular type of infection
  • Helping to isolate infected patients and finding a solution to the situation

Infection Control Nurse Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications that are required of an infection control nurse include:

  • They should be very disciplined and strictly follow all rules and regulations
  • They need to have an eye for detail and be organized
  • Good written and verbal communication skills are necessary so that people can be educated on the infection and causes for spreading

Infection Control Nurse Education and Qualification

The education and qualification requirements for an infection control nurse are as follows:

  • An associate or bachelor’s degree or a diploma in nursing from a recognized college or university is the essential requirement
  • They should have a valid RN license and some organization also demand to see CIC or certification in infection control
  • Knowledge of subjects like microbiology and epidemiology and experience in use of antibiotics is also helpful

Infection Control Nurse Salary

An infection control nurse usually gets an annual salary of around $65,000 plus incentives and benefits which increases the salary to around $90,000.

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