Licensed Practical Nurse Job Description

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Licensed Practical Nurse Job Profile and Description

Licensed practical nurses, also known as LPNs, help doctors and registered nurses to care for patients in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes etc. Besides having technical knowledge of performing general nursing duties, they also make appointments, keep patient records and perform other administrative duties.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • LPNs need to interact with patients and keep them in good spirits
  • They need to do basic tasks like taking the patients’ blood pressures, checking the temperatures, applying bandages, checking vitals etc
  • They have to give the patients medicines prescribed by the doctors
  • They monitor the patients’ condition and watch for any changes
  • In case there is any development or change in the patient’s condition, they report it to the doctors immediately
  • They may have to work in special units of a hospital like cardiac, intensive care, burn, or neonatal units
  • They are trained to use special equipment and may direct nurse’s aides
  • Some of them also work at homes of patients and provide personal care
  • They provide basic bedside care and follow the specific instructions of the doctor, like giving drugs to the patient, changing bandages, bathing and cleaning them, prepare meals etc

Skills and Specifications

  • LPNs should have a sympathetic and understanding attitude
  • They should have good written and verbal communication skills
  • They should be hardworking and have good sense of hygiene
  • They should have knowledge of the all the nursing practices

Education and Qualifications

Licensed practical nurses should be at least high school graduates. They need to pass aptitude tests and take a physical exam. There are many nursing colleges, technical and vocational schools and hospitals which provide training programs which generally takes around one year to complete. LPNs also need to have an associate degree and professional nurses should at least have a bachelor’s degree. They should also sit for a written test to apply for a license.

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