Nurse Case Manager Job Description

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Nurse Case Manager Job Profile and Description

A nurse case manager, also known as medical case manager or case manager is a registered nurse who is chiefly responsible for assisting patients with their health care services and needs. They help patients with various formalities from the time they are admitted in the hospital to the time they are discharged.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Nurse case managers are like middlemen or a link between patients and their families and health care personnel
  • They are responsible for ensuring efficient, smooth and prompt health care services to be given to patients.
  • They make health care plans that includes processes like patient admission, administering medication doses, therapies and treatments, evaluation of test results and an evaluation of the plan’s effectiveness
  • They also control health care resources and buy services for patients
  • They need to provide emotional support to the patients, their relatives and also give medical advice to them
  • They are trained in providing all levels of nursing care as they are registered nurses
  • They supervise teams of licensed practical nurses and allot responsibilities to them
  • They have to file reports and update the database about the condition and progress of the patient
  • They are responsible for carrying out basic nursing responsibilities like helping the patients to eat, dress up, walk and bathe

Skills and Specifications

  • Nurse case managers need to be detail-oriented
  • They must have good management and leadership skills
  • They be empathetic to the patient and their families and provide emotional support to them
  • They must be able to deal with stress and work for long and odd hours at times required

Education and Qualifications

The minimum educational requirement of nurse case managers is an associate’s degree in nursing. Some also have a bachelor’s or master’s degrees. They need to have the adequate license and certification. They need to have at least two-three years of experience as this is a senior position.

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