Nurse Midwife Job Description

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Nurse Midwife Job Profile and Description

Midwives have been helping women in the birthing experience since many years. Even now, when patients want to have a natural experience, they opt for the services of a nurse midwife instead of the general obstetric care. Nurse midwives, working under the guidance of a doctor, help a patient by guiding her through the pregnancy and birthing procedure. They can either work in a hospital or may also work independently.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Nurse midwives provide an alternative approach to labor and delivery
  • They are registered nurses and are capable of administering care to a pregnant woman
  • They perform obstetrical examination of patients on the initial meeting and throughout the period of pregnancy
  • They have to find out if there is any critical condition in the pregnancy. They also need to consult with a physician and discuss the details of the case
  • They read and analyze the test results during the pregnancy to ensure that the baby is developing normally and the mother remains in good health.
  • They provides emotional support to the mother during delivery and coaches her through the process of delivering the baby
  • They may limit the use of medications and technology in the labor room to create conditions of a natural childbirth experience
  • They are not qualified enough to perform surgery and hence need to have a doctor in case of any emergency

Skills and Specifications

  • A nurse midwife should be sympathetic and have a positive attitude in life.
  • She should have good bedside manners and provide emotional support during and after delivery of the baby
  • A midwife should be skilled in analyzing test results to determine if problems are occurring during the pregnancy

Education and Qualifications

A nurse midwife should be a registered nurse with at least a bachelor’s degree in nursing. They should also be licensed and certified with experience in obstetrics.

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