Nurse Practitioner Job Description

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Nurse practitioner job description and profile

Nurse practitioners are more than nurses. They are eligible to give minor medical care to patients when the patient is being admitted into the hospital. They have advanced degrees and in many states of the USA, nurse practitioners can prescribe medications for minor health problem without the help of a doctor.

Nurse practitioner job duties and responsibilities

The duties of a nurse practitioner vary depending upon the license terms and the location of the health care facility. The duties and responsibilities of a nurse practitioner are:

  • Prescribing medication with or without doctor’s advice depending upon the locations
  • Formulating nursing models to aid in holistic care of the patient
  • Performing minor procedures like suturing
  • Interacting with the patient and fining out the medical history of the patient and his family
  • Conduct examinations and study results in order to determine the cause of illness
  • Nurse practitioners have an important role to play in nursing homes
  • Dealing with pregnant ladies and caring for the mother and child after delivery
  • Assisting the doctors in surgeries and taking care of after care

Nursing practitioner job skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of a nurse practitioner are:

  • A sound knowledge about basic medicine and procedures
  • Good written and verbal communication skills and a pleasing personality
  • Ability to work for long hours and under high pressure conditions
  • Ability to concentrate and highly precise

Nursing practitioner job education and qualifications

A nursing practitioner does not require a medical school degree/ however, she has to take advanced courses in health management and medical sciences. Advanced doctoral degree called the, doctor of nursing, makes the future prospects very bright. In fact, according to the American association of colleges of nursing, all the nursing practitioners are to be upgraded to doctor of nursing degree in coming years.

Nursing practitioner job salary

The average salary of a nursing practitioner is $85,000.

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