Research Nurse Job Description

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Research Nurse Job Profile and Description

A research nurse is responsible for general supervision and coordination of clinical studies. He collects, updates, reviews and assesses data for various clinical studies. He also has to screen, evaluate and recruit subjects for tests and research.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A research nurse checks a person’s clinical records, charts and intensive care records for clinical intervention, medication, and patients’ responses
  • He has to compile and enters clinical data into the centre’s database
  • He reviews and assesses the data collected
  • After finding the data, he works with investigator and statistical consultants
  • He has to submit reports, documentation and make sure protocols are followed
  • He has to give medicines to the clinical subjects and take down their medical histories and see if they are fit for tests or not
  • He coordinates different clinical studies and has to attend investigation meetings
  • They mainly work for hospitals and pharma companies and help in scientific or clinical experiments on patients who may or may not be suffering from a disorder
  • They assist scientists in monitoring the health of the patient and the patient’s responses during a new drug or therapy trial

Skills and Specifications

  • A research nurse needs to have in depth knowledge of specialized medical and scientific terminology
  • He must know about what medication to give and proper dosage to be administered
  • He needs to have good people and interpersonal skills
  • Should have good written and verbal communication skills
  • He must use his discretion and maintain patient confidentiality
  • He must have the basic knowledge of computer
  • He must have good analytical skills and must be able to analyze and interpret statistical data

Education and Qualifications

A research nurse should at least have a bachelor’s degree in nursing. He must also have a license from the respective authority in his country.

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