Surgical Nurse Job Description

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Surgical Nurse Job Profile and Description

Surgical nurses are registered and certified nurses who have specialized training in the field of surgical care. They are a part of the surgical team and help to provide care to patients before, during and after a surgical procedure. They work for private surgery clinics, hospital trauma or emergency centers, and hospital surgical suites etc. There are different types of surgical nurses, and the job responsibilities depend on the profile.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Surgical nurses directly care for the patient in the pre-surgical, operative and recovery periods
  • They prepare the patients for the surgery
  • They work within a sterile field and help the surgeon during surgical procedures
  • They scrubs her hands and arms with sterilizing soap and put on sterile garments before entering the surgical room
  • They hand over sterile instruments or other materials to the surgeon, adjust equipment and monitor the patient’s condition
  • Some of them assist with additional supplies or instruments as required by the physician
  • They are responsible for the transport of specimens to the labs
  • They have to clamp to control bleeding and perform suturing at the close of the operation
  • They have to account for all the equipment, gauze and any other item used during surgery to make sure that no item is left inside the patient’s body

Skills and Specifications

  • Surgical nurses must be able to work for work long hours and must be able to deal with stressful conditions
  • They have to be healthy as they need to be on their feet for long periods of time
  • They must pay attention to detail and must be a team player
  • They must be patient and compassionate towards patients

Education and Qualifications

Surgical nurses should go nursing school and have the required degree or diploma. They must have a minimum of one year’s experience.

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