Billing Clerk Job Description

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Billing Clerk Job Profile and Description

A Billing Clerk is required to process the sales purchases and prepare the payments pattern by confirming the appropriate costs, print bills, and send them by registered mail or official email as account claims to customers. While most companies have structured the payments functions with computerized payments systems, there are still guide procedures required such as in the medical care industries.

Billing Clerk Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Recover revenue details and perform on program line of clients to be charged for the period; on the other hand procedure produced revenue moves for invoicing in a guide procedure with the help of a worksheet system
  • Journalize into the proper journal records or post records into the bookkeeping techniques to credit revenue details into records receivables
  • Enter into the expenses program all the compulsory details to produce the bill
  • Review all details to ensure they go with revenue details before completing the bill/invoice for emailing to customers
  • Review immediate past expenses pattern to reunite cash or payment receipts
  • Prepare transmittal reviews for changes in records receivables position
  • Encode and add amounts of deal records, such as assessments or money purchases, using development devices.
  • Compute for income based on expenses obtained for the period
  • Has high organizational skills to handle multiple sales information for invoicing
  • Has high computer literacy to use PC and billing systems
  • Has a good command of the English language, both verbal and written
  • Has above average interpersonal skills to work with a team of billing clerks

Billing Clerk Skills and Specifications –

Billing Clerk Education and Qualifications –

A high school diploma or GED is basic requirement for this position and, a 2-year college course in accountancy or mathematics is preferred.

Billing Clerk Salary –

The average annual salary for this position is $31,000.

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