Cash Office Job Description

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Cash office job description and profile


The job of ‘Cash Office’ involves handling cash transactions and loan applications approvals. They have to work with the rules and regulations, policies, and set guidelines of the management. In a non-financial setup, this profile involves the treasury operations. They review the daily cash balances and make sure that the financial requirements of the organization are met. They also have to arrange funds for long-term financial requirements of an organization. They watch the regular cash flows of the company and keep track of the working capital of the company.

Cash office duties and responsibilities –

  • Collecting drafts, checks and  money orders
  • Keeping record of cash inflows and outflows
  • Keeping track of the periodic cash flows
  • Checking the accuracy of the statements
  • Issuing receipts for all the cash inflows

Cash office education, training, and qualifications –

A Bachelor’s degree the minimum educational requirement for this position – people with training in accounting, finance, business management, and treasury operations are preferred by most of the companies.

Cash office skills and specifications –

  • Excellent mathematical abilities
  • Should know the basic accounting principles and terminologies
  • Strong problem-solving abilities
  • Knowledge of the governing rules and regulations about cash management
  • Should be highly ethical
  • Should have knowledge about the filing norms of the Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Should be able to comply with the Internal Revenue Service guidelines

Cash office salary –

The average salary this job position is $75000.

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