Compliance Officer Job Description

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Compliance officer job description and profile

The job of a Compliance Officer is to make sure that the business functions of an organization comply with the state and federal laws and regulations. This is really a very responsible position and, requires enormous knowledge about various laws. It requires hard work and dedication. The position of a Compliance Officer is present in all kinds of businesses.

Compliance officer duties and responsibility –

  • Assisting the Chief Compliance Officer for developing inner code of conduct in the organization
  • Ensuring that the organization is performing as per laws
  • Ensuring that there is no unlawful action going on in the company
  • Interacting with the workers of different divisions to acquire a complete and clear perspective of the company
  • Formulating guidelines on economical and marketing strategies
  • Interacting with business legal professionals to be able to assess business laws

Compliance officer skills and specifications –

  • Excellent understanding about state and federal laws and guidelines associated with the finance and the general performing of the company
  • Excellent legal knowledge
  • Good research skills
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Excellent knowledge about economical issues to understand financial reports
  • Ability to keep current with the latest guidelines, guidelines of the government

Compliance officer education and qualifications –

  • A Bachelor’s degree in management
  • A Certified course in federal laws
  • A Bachelor’s degree in law
  • A Master’s degree is recommended for fast professional growth

Compliance officer salary –

The average salary for the position of a Compliance Officer ranges from $42,035 to $67,660.

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