Corporate Secretary Job Description

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Corporate Secretary Job Description

The job profile of a Corporate Secretary requires a person to perform administrative tasks for the company. He/she has to report directly to the President or CEO of the company. Performing general secretarial duties like preparing invoices, answering telephone calls, and taking care of the business mails. They are responsible for taking notes during business meetings.

Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Be in contact with board members, making board meeting arrangements, attend meetings and take notes.
  • Attending visitors, answering and forwarding telephone calls to the concerned person
  • Preparing budgets for the board meeting expanse like lodging, transportation, and meals for the members.
  • Processing invoices, arranging order supplies, making expenditure reports, sending faxes and sorting mails.
  • Preparing memos, letters, and other correspondences for various people in the company
  • Setting up and maintaining secretarial practices properly to make sure that the data is accurate
  • Making travel arrangements for senior management and scheduling meetings for them.
  • Making copies, and scanning important documents and filing them.
  • Keeping records, operating office equipments and managing office space.
  • Performing research and circulating information through internet, telephone, mail and e-mail.
  • Handling orientation and training new staff, conducting online research
  • Making negotiations with vendors, maintaining and testing equipments on lease and purchasing supplies.
  • Answering business inquiries and providing general information

Skills and Specifications –

  • Good knowledge of clerical and administrative duties
  • Excellent written and oral communications skills
  • Good typing speed
  • Must be good at negotiations
  • Reliable, adaptable and resourceful individual.
  • Initiative, work under pressure and customer-service orientation.

Education and Qualifications –

  • A High school diploma with general office skills.
  • A Degree in any field
  • Work experience in Administrative support related activities is a plus.

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