Front Office Job Description

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Front Office Job Description

The Front Office is the first section of an organization where visitors come and ask for information, so this is a very responsible job – it can make or break the image of a company. It involves greeting visitors, answering their queries and directing them to the concerned departments. They work as the main liaison point for the various departments within the organization.


Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Getting the visitors in a courteous way, and answering their queries
  • Answering phone calls and forwarding to the concerned people
  • Receiving mail, and forwarding them to the concerned people
  • Coordinating the communication between staff of various divisions.
  • Mailing characters and other information
  • Recording problems, inquiries and providing appropriate solutions and assistance for the same.
  • Arranging travel and housing preparations for the workers and visitors
  • Maintaining the information of entrance and leave details.
  • Managing the customers who visit and providing them services required
  • Coordinating the sessions and appointment time of the customers with the management and other workers of the company.
  • Providing things to look for with excellent fulfillment.

Skills and Specifications

  • Must have satisfying and enchanting individuality.
  • Strong interaction, significantly dental and display abilities are required.
  • Good quantitative and skills knowledge.
  • Proficiency in using computer systems and telephone.
  • Must have client support regards and control abilities.
  • Must be pro-active in approach.

Education and Qualifications –

  • A Bachelor’s degree in any subject
  • Relevant work experience and training in front office administration is desirable

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