Grading Inspector Job Description

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Grading Inspector Job Description and Profile

The job of a Grading Inspector involves learning and providing assistance for grading inspection, processing permits and assessing of drainage and grading strategies. They have to perform various other duties required. They are trained under supervision of senior managers.

Duties and Specifications –

  • Read and understand various specifications and programs to ensure total conformity of specifications during inspections and plan assessments.
  • Assists all people for permits
  • Answers all inquiries on rating value specifications either personally at the table and the telephone.
  • Computes all the charges and costs for grading permits
  • Creates and keeps information of charges and permits
  • Conducts various examinations of simple drainage and grading assignments
  • Prepares evidences and documentation for grading violation cases
  • Conduct grading assignments in time
  • Should know how to read & understand the drainage and grading specification programs.
  • Able to understand laws and specifications on grading and understand particular application.
  • Must understand to connect and synchronize with the public to secure full collaboration as well as maintain enlightening work connections.
  • Be able to connect specialized data and information in a perfect manner
  • Must know how to signify the department with diplomacy and courtesy.
  • Be able to make appropriate choices within appropriate suggestions.

Skills and Specifications –

Education and Qualifications –

  • It requires 1 year experience in grading and/or excavation – having knowledge of the basic principles of soil mechanics and geology related to grading,
  • A State Driver’s License (Class C)

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