Office Assistant Supervisor Job Description

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Office Assistant Supervisor Job Description and Profile

The Office Assistant Supervisor job involves managing and performing general office activities – keeping records, preparing documentation etc-etc. They have performs various duties and activities in the office.

Duties and Specifications –

  • Plans and designates daily activities to office personnel.
  • Monitors the activities of all staff
  • Handles technical issues like repair and maintenance of computers, printers and other office machines & equipments
  • Recruits, and trains new employees
  • Initiates in improving and restructuring the office functions and techniques which lead from variations in policy or amount of work.
  • Discusses with office heads, staff, managers, employees and the community on the business of any office and indicates and stocks important info.
  • Personally functions complex office projects and duties.

Skills and Specifications

  • Be able to plan, determine and focus on workplace and staff
  • Must be able to learn and use methods and concepts of guidance.
  • Be able to identify common requirements and assess the efficiency of personnel.
  • Must know how to practice other personnel in the right techniques and methods.
  • Be able to create a complete understanding of techniques, guidelines and company.
  • Must know how to use common and particular computer and computerized programs.
  • Able to identify effective and enlightening connections with workers, customers and community.
  • Able to kindly communicate with people from all levels of company.
  • Must be able to keep full privacy.
  • Must know how to legibly create to history important info.
  • Should have good communication skills.
  • Must understand and adhere to guidelines, spoken and written.

Education and Qualifications

  • Must possess High School diploma or its equivalent.
  • Must have at least four years of clerical work experience, and some duration in a supervisory capacity.

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