Office Copy Selector Job Description

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Office Copy Selector Job Profile and Description

An Office Copy Selector is accountable for handling official mails, letter and various documents and forwarding them to the concerned people in the organization. They work in the admin department and, keep record of all the mails sent received.

Office Copy Selector Duties and Responsibilities

  • Checking the address, postage etc. on letters etc.
  • Sealing or opening papers and placing documents within
  • Keeping all the mails and packages at the respective places after sorting
  • Observing and getting details from different sources
  • Moving, managing and setting up various components and equipments
  • Operating certain devices and examining details from these to spot any problem
  • Must stat updated about the development procedures, know about raw components and various procedures to improve operations

Office Copy Selector Skills and Specifications

•               Detail oriented and, well organized

•               Must be reliable, disciplined and alert

•               Must be a excellent listener

•               Be able to work independently

•               Must have a pleasant individuality and excellent understanding skills

Office Copy Selector Education and Qualifications

•               A High School diploma is enough for this position

Office Copy Selector Salary

The average salary for this position is around $15 per hour.

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