Office Depot Job Description

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Office Depot Job Profile and Description

The Office Depot job profile includes positions like ‘Depot Manager’ or ‘Depot Assistant/Clerk’. The responsibilities are somewhat similar to a Factory Manager/Ledger Worker. The job deals with bills, storage space, and production etc-etc. It also involves book-keeping work. Organizations use warehouse management systems to record, and manage the activity and storage space of materials within the depot and to other depots.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Monitor multi-bin storage space monitoring.
  • Create and manage one or more depots for company.
  • Monitor expiration time frame
  • Receive and put away provider purchase orders, stock transactions and client profits.
  • Process and send client purchases, stock transactions and provider profits.
  • Implement pick and put away techniques.
  • Integrate with Return Endorsement management.
  • Fully incorporate with Capital’s stock control, kit, client, provider, debtor, purchase order, transfer, and payments systems.
  • View items scheduled for dispatch by order date, priority, purchase number, account code, location, carrier, volume, and weight etc.
  • Organize stocks within the warehouse by bin/storage device, and location

Skills and Specifications

  • Knowledge of the whole procedure of warehousing functions such as receiving and storing  products
  • Organizational and preparing skills
  • Ability to perform under pressure.

Education and Qualifications

  • An MBA degree in business management with Materials management as specialization.
  • Post-graduate Diploma in Warehousing, logistics or transport management.

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