Office Electrician Job Description

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Office Electrician Job Profile and Description

An Office Electrician is the one who manages all the electrical powered functions in an office – either as a permanent or contract basis employee. They are responsible for the set up, servicing and repair of all electric devices, lights connections and points at the workplace. Also, they take out and re-arrange the switching, maintain safety standards and inform staff about the office safety measures and, pre-cautions and steps at the time of an electric accident.  They also perform the repair of office devices and equipments like phones, TVs, internet routers and other various gadgets.

Office Electrician Duties and Responsibilities

  • Installing, restoring and maintain electric  systems, cabling and managing devices in the office
  • Studying drawings to perform repairs without causing damage to other building areas
  • Replacing faulty parts
  • Inspecting the devices & equipments for any flaws and ensuring safety

Office Electrician Skills and Specifications

  • Following guidelines for safety procedures and have a sharp eye for detail
  • Be willing to work for hard and lift hefty objects
  • Good strength and work under stress
  • Knowledge of equipment, devices and other procedures

Office Electrician Education and Qualification

•               A High School diploma is sufficient, but education is not that important

•               Must have accomplished an 4-year apprenticeship program for Electrician, and aware of the Nationwide Electrical Code

•               Some states may ask you for having a license

Office Electrician Salary

The average salary for this position is around $25 per hour.

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