Office Filing Clerk Job Description

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Office Filing Clerk Job Profile and Description

With the fast advancement of technology, most of the offices have their documents and records filed in computer databases, the job options for the position of an Office Filing Clerk are very limited – they can only work at places where paper work is still the main work. The judiciary and legal firms are some places where paper work is carried out in large amount. The Office Filing Clerk handles the document management work at such places.

Office Filing Clerk Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develops a program for locating all types of office documents
  • Develop the labeling process to enable fast search for documents
  • Perform office obligations such as typing, operating photocopying machines, sorting mails and disseminating of appropriate staff duties
  • Use document management programs to scan documents and store in a suitable filing system when available.
  • Find and recover information when requested from authorized office personnel.
  • Ensure that all requested papers are returned where they belong.

Office Filing Clerk Skills and Specifications

  • Has great business abilities to keep an effective office processing system, manual or automated
  • Has great computer knowledge to use document management program
  • Has a good knowledge of the English language, written and oral
  • Has good interpersonal skills

Office Filing Clerk Education and Qualifications

  • A High School diploma
  • A 2-year associate or bachelor college course work is an advantage
  • Work experience as a filing clerk is a plus

Office Filing Clerk Salary

The average salary for this position ranges from $39,600 to $41,200.

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