Office Janitorial Cleaners Job Profile and Description

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Office Janitorial/Cleaners Job Profile and Description

Their job involves taking care of the cleanliness and hygiene of an organization. They may work full-time or on contract basis. They use robust wet and dry cleaning solutions, and products to keep uncarpeted floors, fresh clutter hallways, lavatories and kitchen larder areas clean and hygienic. They clean all areas like meeting rooms, canteens, and lounges etc.

Office Janitorial/ Cleaners Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Operate wet and dry cleaning alternatives to clean workplace
  • Mop non-carpeted surfaces with the recommended washing alternatives, liquids and apply sharpening waxes.
  • Operate robust floor polishers for marble, stone surfaces and other non-carpeted flooring
  • Exercise warning in washing workplace table covers of individual workers as well as surfaces with power and data cords.
  • Wear the recommend clothing and safety clothing while working.
  • Perform appropriate projects as may be instructed by the manager or authorities.

Office Janitorial/ Cleaners Skills and Specifications –

  • Must be reliable, accountable, sincere and hart working
  • Must be able to adhere to directions
  • Must have good communication skills to get along with other people
  • Must have guide skill in the use of washing resources and appliances
  • Must have a contented frame of mind and willing to perform under filthy conditions

Office Janitorial/ Cleaners Education and Qualifications –

No formal education qualification is required for this position. On-the job training is provided by all companies.

Office Janitorial/Cleaners Salary –

The average salary for this position is around $10.30 per hour.

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