Office Maintenance Job Description

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Office Maintenance Job Description and Profile

The Office Maintenance job involves handling general maintenance activities in the office – restoring systems, devices, and fixtures. Some also have to take care of the hygiene of the workplace. Their main responsibility is to ensure that the employees in the organization are able to perform perfectly during their operating hours. They deal with restoring lights, exploration holes in the walls and changing switches/buttons etc-etc. They have to ensure a safe and properly working office environment.

Office Maintenance Duties and Responsibilities

  • Repairing surfaces, windows, and other architectural damages
  • Ensuring that the HVAC and other devices for the workplace remains in good operating conditions
  • Welding, installation, insulating material, and other common servicing work
  • Cleaning the surfaces and washing the carpets
  • Keeping the devices clean and in operating condition
  • Taking out the daily trash
  • Making minor electrical and plumbing repairs

Office Maintenance Education, Training, and Qualifications

It does not require any formal education – a person must be able to perform the given tasks. Training on performing fixes to equipments for work, plumbing, and electrical repairs helps getting a job.


Office Maintenance Skills and Responsibilities

• Basic technical skills

• Have troubleshooting capabilities

• Expertise in managing repair activities

• Ensuring that the company satisfies the protection suggestions offered by the state and government authorities

• Strength and endurance to work long hours

• Strong systematic abilities

Office Maintenance Salary

The average salary for this position ranges from $24000 to $38000 annually.

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