Office Messenger Courier Job Description

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Office Messenger /Courier Job Profile and Description


Today, there are not many openings for the position of Office Messenger/Courier as all offices use technical methods to deliver their messages. But, still there are offices that depend on the services of an office messenger to deliver confidential messages. This job position is mainly found in the government and legal agencies where various documents are to be transmitted through courier, and not by any other means. Also, hospitals and laboratories use the services of office messengers to send confidential information and reports.

Office Messenger/Courier Duties and Responsibilities

  • Ensure proper courier packaging
  • Coordinate with 3rd parties couriers for proper messenger services
  • Deposit money into banks
  • Deliver couriers to the addressees.
  • Deliver corporate gifts to clients and business partners
  • Ensuring safe and secure delivery of collateral promotional materials to sales branches
  • Provide office projects as may be requested by the office secretary or administration assistant

Office Messenger/Courier Skills and Specifications

  • Has sufficient skills to understand directions
  • Has a thorough knowledge of the all the locations of the city to deliver couriers
  • Has a good knowledge of the English language
  • Is extremely reliable in managing fiduciary issues for financial institution deposits
  • Has good interpersonal skills to deal with workplace receptionists to deliver couriers.

Office Messenger/Courier Education and Qualifications

  • A high school diploma
  • Work experience as a courier is a plus.

Office Messenger/Courier Salary

The salary depends on the company and the state, but is often within the minimum wage levels.

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