Police Officer Job Description

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Police officer job description and profile

The job of la Police Officer is to make sure that law and order is maintained properly and, peace is maintained in the town. This is a very strenuous and risky job and, needs a lot of commitment and effort.

Police office job duties and responsibilities

  • Has to consistently patrol the area and ensure that the law and order is upheld
  • May have to make house calls in time of alerts and emergency
  • Makes arrests and guarantees that the prisoner gets to the trial without any unpleasant incidents
  • Investigation of criminal activity and preparing techniques to entice the culprits
  • Indulging in group assistance activities
  • Writes reports and posts the same to the senior officials
  • Safeguards the community from risky people in the society

Police officer skills and specifications

  • Good understanding about rules of the state
  • Excellent investigation and management skills
  • Excellent interaction and writing skills
  • Must have an eager feeling of observation
  • Strong ability to lead and capability to think in times of crisis
  • Excellent discussion skills
  • Good capability to work under extremely traumatic conditions
  • Must have courtesy and the capability to think out of the box

Police officer education and qualifications

  • A minimum high school diploma is required. For better future prospects, a college degree is helpful

There are various rules and regulations for selection into the police force Factors like height, weight, eyesight, and physical endurance are main factors that tested before recruiting a person.

Police officer salary

The average salary of a police officer is between $35,216 and $61,532.


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