Procurement or Purchasing Clerk Job Description

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Procurement or Purchasing Clerk Job Profile and Description

Every business employs ‘Purchase or Purchasing Clerk’ –   involved in buying office resources and raw materials needed for production. They gather needs from various divisions for approved material requisitions, prepare purchase orders and buy, keep track of purchases and resources. They also make sure that the official purchases are planned and comply with requirements.

Procurement or Purchasing Clerk Duties and Responsibilities

  • Process approved requisitions, get ready purchase purchases and send duplicates to companies and to coming departments
  • Check stock stocks actually or through computerized techniques to examine that restocking is in orders
  • Determine stock amounts are sufficient for needs and purchase more if guaranteed.
  • Respond to source queries about making clear purchases, changes in needs, shipping requirements and cancellations.
  • Contact companies to make sure meeting shipping daily activities and prevent skipped transport.
  • Resolve problems with companies to facilitate transport and to prevent supply shortages.
  • Review requisition purchases to make sure reliability and correct line item requirements.
  • Prepare, maintain, and evaluation purchasing data files, reviews and price details.
  • Conduct regular evaluation of source qualification to make sure getting the most reasonable and affordable supplies by evaluating contract and bid costs with existing huge discounts.
  • Monitor position of requisitions, agreements, and purchases.
  • Post purchase costs in appropriate bookkeeping systems.

Procurement or Purchasing Clerk Skills and Specifications

  • Has great business abilities to type and manage timecards
  • Has great computer knowledge to use PC
  • Has a good control of the British terminology, both spoken and written
  • Has above regular cultural abilities to captivate issues from workers

Procurement or Purchasing Clerk Education and Qualifications

  • A high school diploma or GED is basic for this position,

Procurement or Purchasing Clerk Salary

The average hourly salary is $17.36 or $36,110 annually.

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