Sales Office Assistant Job Description

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Sales Office Assistant Job Profile and Description

A Sales Office Assistant is a person who performs in the sales office of a company helping with various management and office performs that will help the sales reps. He can either perform in the main workplace or help the local sales agents based in remote destinations. He assists them by preparing records, making calls and handling email support and, feeding important sales information in the office data source, making expense report, keeping a track of the sales target. They are the main source of the office because they deal all the important matters like records and other various kinds of information which helps the sales office function smoothly.

Sales Office Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

  • Updating and keeping the organization data source by feeding all the necessary details relevant to the sales
  • Works as a primary link between the main office and the sales team out in the field
  • Help with the distribution of products and demos
  • Conducting researches by getting engaged in surveys
  • Planning events and make necessary preparations

Sales Office Assistant Skills and Specifications

•               Must have excellent interaction abilities, both oral and written

•               Should have a satisfying individuality and be able to communicate with individuals effectively

•               Should be dedicated & hard working

•               Must be able to give the best efforts and be open to work long hours

•               Should have excellent organizational abilities and must be detail-oriented

Sales Office Assistant Education and Qualification

  • Must have a Bachelor’s degree in business management with specialization in sales
  • People having a High School diploma can opt for a diploma or short-term course in sales and marketing

Sales Office Assistant Salary

The average salary for this position is $40,000 per year.

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