Student Office Assistant Job Description

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Student Office Assistant Job Profile and Description

A Student Office Assistant performs in the management or other divisions of a college where he/she studies. It is like an on-campus job which learners can do along with their study and can earn some money to help them with their expenses. It involves some easy office tasks which do not require much time and efforts, and students assist the institution by providing free time. They get compensated according to the time they devote, they can easily maintain balance between their studies and their job.

Student Office Assistant Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Receive and make calls, and take down messages
  • Attending guests respectfully and handling their queries
  • Handle inquiries from students about issues like entrance, charges etc-etc.
  • Entering information into the database and keep records updated
  • Manage data files and keep information and all records properly
  • Make leaflets, list and spread them among students
  • Help students get accommodations by giving them details and recommendations
  • Follow all the guidelines set by the college
  • Pick up mail and forward them to the concerned people/department
  • Maintain privacy about various issues and records
  • Make copies, send faxes and take out print-outs

Student Office Assistant Skills and Specifications

  • Good interaction abilities, both written and oral
  • Must have good interpersonal skills
  • Ability to give the best and be devoted and disciplined
  • Basic knowledge of computers

Student Office Assistant Education and Qualification

  • Maintain a good GPA score
  • Must have at least a high school diploma, and enrolled in the Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program of the college/university

Student Office Assistant Salary

A student office assistant usually gets paid about $10 per hour which may vary from university to university.

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