Drilling Superintendent Job Description

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Drilling superintendent job profile and description

A drilling superintendent oversees all the operations related to drilling like planning, execution, safety precautions and ensuring that the drilling operations are being carried out according to the schedule and plan.

Drilling superintendent duties and responsibilities

A drilling superintendent performs a variety of duties in oil fields. Some of his duties and responsibilities are:

  • Plan drilling operations so as to optimize production
  • Recruit people for different drilling operations
  • Prepare execution schedule
  • Select companies in case outsourcing is necessary for a few operations
  • Ensure that operations at all levels is documented
  • Ensure that all the paper work, licenses and legal formalities are completed and valid
  • Prepare budget and suggest cost-cutting methods
  • Ensure that safety guidelines are adhered to and install safety equipment
  • Regularly oversee the operations and report unsafe or dangerous conditions or activities
  • Troubleshooting in case of troubles
  • Perform human resource management activities

Drilling superintendent skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of a drilling superintendent are:

  • A thorough knowledge about all the operations, requirements, risk factors and safety measures involved in oil drilling operations
  • Excellent communication, organization and decision making skills
  • Ability to analyze and spot problems before they become exaggerated
  • Excellent human and resource management capabilities
  • Strong financial sense
  • Ability to think of new and innovative ideas to optimize production
  • Ability to maintain excellent interpersonal relationships
  • Outstanding troubleshooting abilities

Drilling superintendent education and qualification

The education and qualification of a drilling superintendent are:

  • An engineering degree in petroleum engineering is basic
  • 8 to 10 years of experience in petroleum and gas onshore and offshore drilling industry

Drilling superintendent salary

The salary of a drilling superintendent varies according to the place where he is employed and experience levels. The average salary is $125,000 annually.


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