Electric Power Line Installer Job Description

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Electric Power Line Installer Job Profile and Description

Distributing the power generated in power plants requires a network of power transmission cables to deliver electricity to the plant’s franchise area, either aerial or underground. This network is installed and maintained by a team of Electric power Line Installers and Repairers or more commonly known as your Lineman. They are the ones who also erect poles as well as small and large transmission towers that carry the cables from the substation to users.

Electric Power Line Installer Duties and Responsibilities

  • Study and survey the land topography to help the engineers in erecting transmission towers.
  • Install and maintain electrical distribution and transmission systems, including cables, conduits, high tension wires, transformers, circuit breakers, and switches.
  • Ensure strict adherence to safety procedures for both lineman and pedestrians when installing or repairing electric cables such as wearing the right clothes, placing insulating or fireproofing materials over conductors and joints and setting up barriers around work areas if along streets.
  • Climb electric posts and towers using prescribed truck-mounted buckets or ladders to access equipment.
  • Identify defective sectionalizing devices, fuses, switches, circuit breakers, voltage regulators, transformers, relays or cables using schematic diagrams and prescribed electrical-testing instruments.
  • Drive the right vehicle type equipped with the tools and materials to job locations.
  • Coordinate work assignment and completion with central office.

Electric Power Line Installer Skills and Specifications

  • Should have highly developed observation skills to anticipate and detect operational anomalies
  • Should be medically and physically fit to climb poles and towers
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills to work with a team, as well as verbal and written communication skills in English.

Electric Power Line Installer Education and Qualifications

  • A high school diploma is the minimum requirement but an associate or bachelor’s degree in the sciences preferably electrical and chemical sciences is always preferred
  • 2-3 years experience in power plant work gives an advantage

Electric Power Line Installer Salary

The average annual salary of Electric Power Line Installers (Lineman) is $29 hourly or $57,500 annually.

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