Energy Manager Job Description

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Energy manager Job Profile and Description:

An energy manager is responsible for analyzing the use of energy and also for developing a particular town, city or district’s energy management plan in order to ensure proper environmental conditions along with cost-effective energy utilization. He monitors the energy tracking computer system in order to achieve this purpose.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • He should ensure that energy management operations comply with the instructional goals of the state
  • He should form a comfortable indoor climate for learning
  • He should coordinate between the maintenance/operations division and principals in order to provide maximum facility comfort and at the same time reduce energy consumption
  • He should communicate well with the staff and motivate them
  • He should recommend sound policies which will help in energy conservation
  • He should formulate plans for implementing innovations
  • He should develop opportunities of training of staff
  • He is also responsible for arranging and filling energy reports, billings and other necessary documents
  • He needs to pursue outside sources for funds and be in contact with other companies for new, innovative equipment upgrade
  • He should review design of facilities and construction activities related to energy management

Skills and Specifications

  • An energy manager requires certain skills beyond the usual management training
  • He should be aware of energy management program development
  • He should know about technical details like HVAC and lighting systems
  • He should have the ability to manage the funds and budget and also the people
  • He should possess strong organizational, communication and interpersonal skills which will help him coordinate among different divisions

Education and Qualifications

As this is a specialized field, one can go for a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, engineering technology, or a management degree with specialization in facilities management. A combination of engineering and management degree gives an edge.

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