Entry level oil Job Description

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Entry level oil Job Profile and Description

An entry level oil sector job may mean that a person has to work for either an offshore or onshore oil rig. Usually a person new in this field is posted in an onshore rig; an offshore rig job demands great hard work from a person as he not only has to stay away from his family for days but also has to face natural disasters like cyclones and hurricanes.

Duties and Responsibilities

The duties of person working in an oil rig may vary according to his position:

  • A Roustabout guides cranes moving loads and about the deck. He provides the crew with necessary equipment, and also helps in cleaning and maintenance
  • Welders look after the repairs and building of metal works. They are usually permanent workers
  • Radio Operators are in charge of looking after the radio transmitter; it is slightly less demanding than the other jobs
  • Scaffolders travel to different sites to carry out the necessary installations
  • Painters are responsible for carrying out painting programs on rigs
  • Mud Engineers need to specialize in chemistry as they have to look after the fluids used in the oil rigs
  • Medics are trained medical professionals, mostly former nurses, who issue medicines like a pharmacist. They have to maintain the medical records of crew members

Skills and Specifications

  • A person working in an oil rig should be hard working and adaptable to different working environments
  • Sound physical health is the first requirement because of the rigors involved
  • He should be a quick learner and regular, as attendance is very important
  • It is a team work and so one should coordinate well with his team members

Education and Qualifications

Formal education is not very important at the entry-level. Nevertheless, it is one of the highest paying jobs, even in the entry-level.

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