Gas Job Description

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Gas Job Profile and Description

Gas is a sector which provides a wide range of jobs in all levels, depending on the candidate’s qualifications. One can be an engineer, a geophysicist, geologist, economic analyst, exploration advisor, research scientist, operations support manager, gas station manager, gas attendant, fitter, roustabouts and so on.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The duties would depend on the job profile.

  • There are some who are responsible for discovering gas fields, either offshore or onshore, like geophysicists, geologists, exploration advisors etc
  • After finding out a particular gas source, there are experts who have to analyze and determine if the gas field is economically viable for production and for they we need economic analysts, research scientists, among others
  • Once the gas fields is confirmed, the organization has to hire engineers to build a gas rig and pipelines which will generate gas and help to transfer it far off places
  • There are operations support managers who look after the different procedures, whether safety and environment guidelines are followed and are responsible for the crew
  • There are also managers who look after the financial status of the plant and see if things are within budget and targets are met
  • Lastly, we have retail gas station operators who help clients get the gas for their vehicles

Skills and Specifications

  • Candidates interested in gas jobs should have good analytical skills
  • They should be willing to work for long shifts which may sometimes extend to months
  • They should be team players and should have knowledge of operating the equipment and following safety procedures

Education and Qualifications

The qualifications would depend on the job profile: a retail gas attendant needs to have at least a high school degree. A manager should have an MBA and from a commerce background. Scientists and engineers should have bachelors or master’s degrees in engineering, geology or any related field etc

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