Geological Technician Job Description

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Geological Technician Job Description and Profile

A major component of the geological technician’s job profile includes conducting work on the field. The skills and training are applied in researching and analyzing new sites for oil and other discoveries. He or she may work in minefields and require staying on site for several days at a time. The profile includes collecting samples and identifying the percentage of the mineral content present in these samples. The analyses consists using manual and computer equipment simultaneously to check the mineral content. Other members of the organization use the geological technician reports. Such individuals are also hired in other industries, such as archeological companies, urban planning companies, water-testing laboratories, and geophysical exploration companies.

Geological Technician Duties and Responsibilities

  • Working with the geological testing and exploration equipments
  • Assisting researchers obtain data to indicate the potential sources of various products
  • Discovering new oil fields through various applications
  • Obtaining information on potential sites that could provide ore and gas products
  • Preparing reports on their findings to assist decision-making within the organizations
  • Performing various analytical tests on samples and documenting the findings precisely and accurately

Geological Technician Education, Training, and Qualifications

All individuals who want to take up a career as a geological technician require at least a two-year associate degree. Some employers may prefer the individuals to possess a bachelor’s degree in geology or related subject. Most of the employers prefer hiring individuals who have some amount of hands-on experience as a geological technician. Several large explorations companies provide internships to students who are studying in geology or any related field.

Geological Technician Degrees, Courses, and Certification

An associate degree is the minimum educational qualification required for employers looking to hire geological technicians. However, some companies prefer to hire only those individuals who have a bachelor’s degree in geology. Additional courses preferred by potential employers include mineralogy, stratigraphy, geomorphology, interpreting aerial photography and other geography systems. The job profile for a geological technician requires knowledge of mathematics and statistics, and thus a certification course in these fields is advised.

Geological Technician Skills and Specifications

  • In-depth knowledge on geology
  • Ability to comprehend aerial photos and geographical systems
  • Outstanding communication skills, which includes written and oral
  • Organizational abilities to precisely and accurately document their research findings
  • Ability to discuss technical issues with non-technical people

Geological Technician Salary

The average annual salary estimated for a geological technician is $60,000.

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