Oil and Gas Operations Manager Job Description

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Oil and Gas Operations Manager Job Description and Profile

The oil and gas operations manager supervises, schedules, and safely executes the oil and gas field operations to ensure that the production of the products increases for the company’s growth. Additionally, he or she is responsible for achieving the production targets in a safe manner at the estimated expenditure. This is achieved by liaison with the production, drilling, and other field operators. The oil and gas operations manager is the primary point of contact among the corporate head office and the operations on site. He or she provides regular reports to the top management to show the efficient performance of the site within the budget in a timely fashion.

Oil and Gas Operations Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • Ensuring achievement of the production targets
  • Increasing the production capacity by improving the performance
  • Developing and monitoring the operational expenses
  • Taking corrective actions to rectify variances
  • Developing new strategies to increase production with safe and cost-efficient methods
  • Ensuring that adequate safety norms are used by site personnel
  • Operating the oil and gas fields in a profitable and optimal manner

Oil and Gas Operations Manager Education, Training, and Qualifications

An individual aspiring to become an oil and gas operations manager must hold a bachelor’s degree in the field. Extensive work experience and on-the-job training is required by the larger oil and gas companies. Qualifications providing excellent knowledge on the various techniques to maximize the production capacity of the sites in a cost-efficient way are preferred by most of the employers. Training in administrative skills is beneficial to any individual wanting to work as an oil and gas operations manager.

Oil and Gas Operations Manager Degrees, Courses, and Certification

A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in oil and gas sector is essential. Additional certification providing further skills in oil and gas exploration techniques, using the equipment, and other related sectors are preferred by some of the employers. Several large oil and gas companies prefer to train their employees both with classroom teaching and practical experience prior to assigning them full-time to the oil and gas operations on site.

Oil and Gas Operations Manager Skills and Specifications

  • Relevant experience with some experience in a supervisory position gives an edge
  • Knowledge on production engineering
  • In-depth knowledge on best oil and gas field procedures and practices
  • Understanding various processes, such as dewatering, separation, and fiscal metering
  • Problem solving abilities
  • Fluency in spoken and written English is imperative
  • Excellent command on computer operations is essential

Oil and Gas Operations Manager Salary

The annual salary of an oil and gas operations manager on an average is estimated at $195,000.

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