Oil field Job Descriptions

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Oil field Job Profile and Description:

The oil and gas industry is a booming sector and it offers some of the most high-paying jobs. Due to this, jobs in this sector are in high demand and cover a wide range of posts from the lowest to the highest level. There are offshore and onshore oilfields and there are mainly two type of rig workers – those who work directly for the rig and those who work for service companies that provide a multitude of services to the oil company.

Duties and Responsibilities

Depending on the nature of the work, the duties of the employees vary:

  • Roughnecks are the workers whose main job is to drill the well and also remove all the pipes when the job is done; a driller is one who has to supervise the roughnecks
  • Geologists monitor the drilling and cutting of oil wells
  • Wire line logging specialists run instruments down the well bore and analyze the layers of rock that have been cut for traces of oil and gas
  • There are also operators and analysts who investigate if the oil field is economically productive or not
  • A mud engineer stays on location and checks the fluid properties of the drilling mud on a regular basis
  • An oil field manager coordinates among different divisions and guides his team during the process of oil drilling

Skills and Specifications

  • Oil field jobs are backbreaking jobs, one requires immense physical strength and stamina
  • Knowledge of computer and technical equipment is needed
  • One should possess team spirit as any oil field job is done as team work
  • Those in leadership positions should possess good written and verbal communication and organizational skills

Education and Qualifications

The education requirements also vary according to the job position:

  • A driller having a high school degree is a basic
  • Engineers/Analysts can go for a degree in petroleum engineering, or can also study geology and math

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