Oil Refinery Foreman Job Description

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Oil Refinery Foreman Job Profile and Description

Oil refinery consist of large steel structures which have towers and tubes emitting large amounts of smoke and steam, and teams of engineers, journeymen, supervisors and other workers work together in the oil refining process. Journeymen are usually contractors who do a wide variety of construction-related projects like repair work and foremen are journeymen who are promoted to their position by proving themselves to be good leaders.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Oil refinery foreman are responsible for scheduling and directing projects
  • They fill out timesheets and make sure all the work happens according to the schedule
  • They keep track of the workers’ activities and duties and makes sure that the workers get paid on time
  • Some of them have years of experience and can supervise all the work of the site foremen
  • They have to make sure that the refinery has all the equipment and materials required to complete various projects on time
  • In case there is any equipment missing or finished, they need to inform the project manager and keep supplies intact
  • They also have to make sure that safety guidelines are followed, as any accidents can have devastating effects on the entire refinery leading to loss of lives, resources and money

Skills and Specifications

  • Teamwork is extremely essential in this line of work
  • Oil refinery foremen should have good communication and interpersonal skills
  • They should be physically fit and have a lot of stamina because jobs like this are physically demanding, where heavy things have to be lifted and extensive leg work is involved
  • They should have basic analytical skills because they need to keep track of the journeymen’s work schedules and payment details

Education and Qualifications

Oil refinery foremen who start at the basic level usually don’t require more than a high school degree. One can have a bachelor’s degree as an added qualification.

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