Oil Refinery Manager Job Description

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Oil Refinery Manager Job Profile and Description

An oil refinery manager is in charge of supervising and coordinating all activities at an oil refinery. He has to set guidelines for a project and its execution, stay in contact with customers and consumers, solve issues related to any operation in the refinery and lead a team of engineers and other workers in the success of a project.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • An oil refinery manager is the leader who gives directions to all the workers and conducts safety training
  • He should monitor every operation to make sure that environment standards, government directives and safety requirements are followed
  • He has to see that high standards are met and maintained
  • He has to check that all the workers are adequately trained
  • He should monitor and check critical inventories and equipment
  • He also needs to monitor all costs and see that all parts and equipment are sent in for repairs when required
  • He has to set company targets and set the budget and make sure that profits are maintained
  • He should coordinate among other divisions and file reports of their performance
  • He should be in contact with existing consumers and use his networking skills to build relations with new ones
  • He has to correspond with the required divisions who are in charge of marketing the oil

Skills and Specifications

  • An oil refinery manager should have good communication and leadership skills
  • He should have good analytical skills and negotiation skills
  • He should have knowledge of operating the equipment and safety procedures
  • He should have knowledge of computers and good training skills

Education and Qualifications

An oil refinery manager needs to have at least a bachelors or master’s degree in business management. Besides that a science background in chemistry, physics or an engineering degree will also an added advantage over the others.

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