Oil Reservoir Engineer Job Description

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Oil Reservoir Engineer Job Profile and Description

The oil reservoir engineer is responsible for designing and supervising the process of getting the natural gas and oil out of the ground and put into storage tanks for reserving.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • An oil reservoir engineer is usually hired by oil companies and has to completely plan and supervise the process of getting the natural gas and oil out of the ground.
  • He is also responsible for supervising the transfer of the natural gas and oil from the ground to storage tanks and into the reservoir as well.
  • When an oil site is discovered, the oil reservoir engineer has to decide on the best way to drill the ground.
  • He has to choose the equipment required for drilling and also supervise the laborers who operate and install it.
  • If gas or oil is found, he has to examine the oil-bearing rock layers.
  • He has to analyze and find out the most cost-effective way to bring the gas or oil to the surface.
  • He may have to find ways to separate the oil from salt water that may be present in the mixture found.
  • He may also have to involve himself in overseeing the first few phases of natural gas processing.

Skills and Specifications

  • Oil reservoir engineers must have the ability to do quick problem-solving on their own.
  • He must have a strong analytical mind and way of coming out with new ways of doing things.
  • He must have strong leadership skills.
  • He must be equipped with strong verbal and written communication skills and must be able to work alongside with a lot of different people.

Education and Qualifications

A Bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering, geology, mining, geophysics, mechanical engineering or a like field is the at least requirement for becoming an oil reservoir engineer.

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