Oil Rig Crane Operator Job Description

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Oil rig crane operator Job Profile and Description

An oil rig crane operator works in an offshore oil field. He is in charge of all crane operations from the supply boats and aboard the rig. The cranes are used to bring aboard supplies like rig equipment, castings, pipes, even groceries and so on. It is the responsibility of the crane operator to lift these items off the supply boats and safely pass them to the rig.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • An oil rig operator is the supervisor of the Roustabouts and the crane operator assistant
  • He is also in charge of supplying the rig floor with the supplies that are needed
  • Sometimes a crane operator is also in charge of painting, cleaning and the general maintenance on the rig
  • Usually he has an assistant to help him haul equipment, castings, pipes, rig equipment as well as groceries on board
  • One should be accurate in maneuvering equipment in tight spaces
  • He should have adequate technical knowledge about the usage of the crane as most of the equipment nowadays are computerized, consisting of foot pedals, levers, dials and switches

Skills and Specifications

  • Any job in an offshore oil rig requires a person to have sound health as it involves physical labor and strength.
  • He should also have fast reflexes in case of emergencies
  • Since these workers stay away from their families for so long, they need to have a good sense of humor
  • They should be able to adapt themselves to different weather conditions and environment
  • Accurate depth perception is vital in this field

Education and Qualifications

Although basic graduates can apply for this job, some amount of technical knowledge is also required in this field. Learning how to use the equipment and maneuvering it needs specialized training which can be obtained only through practical knowledge. There are various professional courses available, but the most important thing one needs to advance in this field is practical experience.

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