Oil Rig Owners Job Description

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Oil rig owners job profile and description

An oilrig owner employs a staff of experienced and talented men in order to optimize the production of oil. He makes certain safety of the staff working in onshore and offshore oilrigs. Oilrig owners also provide resources for drilling like fuel and additional labor.

Oil rig owners job duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of an oilrig owner are:

  • Ensuring that the staff employed for the drilling operations are eligible and experienced in drilling operations since the outcome of the business depends on the efficiency of the staff
  • Ensuring that the safety precautions are in place in order to avoid accidents like explosions, which lead to loss of life and property
  • Ensuring that the staff has all the necessary equipment and that they adhere to safety measures
  • Keeping track of the operations on the oilrig and overseeing the expense budget
  • Evaluating and approving the planning and execution of drilling operations
  • Ensuring that the staff is working as per schedule
  • Facing the media and releasing press notes regarding oilrig activities
  • Regularly update knowledge regarding drilling operations and implement new technology wherever possible
  • Ensuring that the license and legal formalities pertaining to the oilrig are in place and regularly updating them

Oilrig owners’ skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of an oilrig owner are:

  • Good management, organization and communication skills
  • Ability to analyze situations and make the right decisions
  • Ability to gauge the efficiency of staff while overseeing recruiting process
  • Good decision making skills
  • Ability to gauge the requirements of the oilrig and replenish resources accordingly

Oil rig owners’ education and qualification

There is no specific education and qualifications for an oilrig owner. However, an engineering degree in mining or petroleum helps in understanding the operations and is preferred.

Oilrig owners’ salary

The pay of oilrig owners depends and varies on the terms and conditions of the contract either with the government or private companies.

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