Oilfield Operator Job Description

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Oilfield Operator Job Description and Profile

The oil field operators’ job profile includes setting up and operating the various drills to remove petroleum products from the basins of the earth. Additionally, the operators setup the drills to discover and extract core matter and samples for testing while the oil exploration process is underway. The oil field operators’ are also responsible for the daily operations of the oil fields and overseeing the crewmembers. While working in the oil fields, the operators should make sure that the safety guidelines are adhered to and environmental guidelines maintained during the oil exploration process. The oil field operators need to be team players and should be able to follow instructions with minimum supervision.

Oilfield Operator Duties and Responsibilities

  • Ensuring that the environmental issues at the exploration site as according to the set norms
  • Smooth operations of the oil wells
  • Ensuring the adequacy of the pneumatic and mechanical equipments
  • Inspecting the materials, structure, and the various equipment
  • Communicating with other members to conduct smooth operations of the oil field
  • Should follow the instructions provided by his or her seniors

Oilfield Operator Education, Training, and Qualifications

A high school diploma or an associate degree in geology is the minimum education required to become an oil field operator. Additional training in Hydrogen Sulfide Safety, Fall Protection, oil field boilers, and special safety techniques are recommended to individuals who want to be employed as oil field operators. Procuring work experience by practical training is advantageous to find an employment opportunity with a larger oil field company.

Oilfield Operator Degrees, Courses, and Certification

Individuals should possess a high school diploma or an associate geology degree from a community school or diploma training institute. Additional courses that impart training on maintaining high safety standards during the oil exploration process and safety methods in emergencies are preferred by the larger employers. Most oil exploration companies prefer individuals with some experience in the sector to ensure the complexity of working in an oil field.

Oilfield Operator Skills and Specifications

  • Adaptability and willingness to dirty his or her hands
  • Ability to work and operate oil exploration equipment
  • Adherence to the safety measures and guidelines
  • Team playing capabilities
  • Ability to undertake minor repairs to the oil exploration equipment when required
  • Communication skills and capable of following instructions
  • Demonstrate some leadership skills and delegation authority

Oilfield Operator Salary

The average salary of an oil field operator is reported as $53000 per annum.

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