Petroleum Engineering Job Description

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Petroleum engineering Job Profile and Description

A petroleum engineer devises methods to improve the production of oil and gas wells. He also determines if new or modified tool designs are required or not. He oversees the drilling procedures and offers technical advice to ensure economical and satisfactory growth.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A petroleum engineer has to assess the costs and estimates the production capabilities and economic value of oil and gas wells, in order to see if the potential drilling site is economically viable or not
  • He analyzes data in order to recommend the placement of wells and supplementary processes to enhance production
  • He supervises well modification and stimulation programs, in order to maximize oil and gas recovery
  • He should direct and monitor the completion and evaluation of wells, test them and conduct surveys
  • He may have to assist in engineering and solve operating problems
  • He develops plans for oil and gas field drilling, and also for product recovery and treatment
  • A petroleum engineer also maintains records of drilling and all production operations
  • He has to coordinate with the scientific, engineering, and technical division to solve design, research, and testing problems
  • He should evaluate the findings in order to develop, design, or test equipment
  • He also assigns work to the staff in order to obtain maximum utilization of personnel
  • He should design and implement the environmental and government standards on oil and gas operations

Skills and Specifications

  • He should be able to deduce the problem and should possess the ability to think critically
  • He should have the required technical knowledge to work with the right tools
  • He should be an active listener and communicate well with all the divisions

Education and Qualifications

There are various bachelor and master’s degrees offered for petroleum engineering by various institutions, which also teach mathematics and geology as part of the curriculum.

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