Petroleum Geologist Job Description

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Petroleum Geologist Job Profile and Description

A petroleum geologist explores and projects the stratigraphic arrangement and structure of earth to investigate and locate oil and gas deposits. As part of this process, he has to study well logs, analyze cores and cuttings from drillings, and interprets the data obtained through electrical or radioactive well logging and other subsurface surveys to identify earth strata.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Through various tools, equipments and machines a petroleum geologist examines aerial photographs and evaluates the results of geophysical prospecting
  • He has to prepare surface and sub-surface maps and diagrams that depict the stratigraphic arrangement and composition of the earth and potential deposits of gas and oil
  • He examines rocks, minerals, and fossil remains to identify and determine the sequence of the processes affecting the development of the earth
  • By preparing geologic reports and maps; he interprets research data to recommend further action for study
  • His expert opinions are sought by organizations and he recommends acquisition, retention, or release of property leases or contracts
  • By conducting these extensive studies, he estimates oil reserves in proven or prospective fields, and consults with the petroleum engineers regarding drilling and production methods

Skills and Specifications

  • Extensive field work is required in this job profile. Hence one should be physically robust and active with stamina and perseverance
  • He should have adequate technical knowledge to interpret the data found and pass on the information to the organization he is working for
  • Interpersonal communication skills are also important as a petroleum geologist has to work with different personnel like engineers and scientists

Education and Qualifications

A bachelor’s degree in geology is mostly required for government and organizations. The requirements vary from company to company: while some ask for more field experience, some want to see research and advanced degrees with specialization in prospecting.

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