Petroleum Refining Industry Job Description

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Petroleum Refining Industry Job Description and Profile

Petroleum refining industry appoints several individuals to assist the conversion of crude oil to petroleum products, which has a large number of applications. Most of the petroleum refining industry jobs includes the employees being an actual operation of the refinery. The refining process is largely automated, which requires the individuals employed in this sector to work with computerized equipments and special instruments, which measure and control the refining procedure. The refinery operators and assistant operators profile includes processing the crude oil. The pump operators and their assistants operate and maintain the pumps that are used to transport materials and finished output through the refinery.

Petroleum Refining Industry Duties and Responsibilities

  • Operating and maintaining the petroleum refinery
  • Repairing and maintenance of the equipments and tools
  • Refining the crude oil in to petroleum products
  • Working on automated processes and special instruments to extract petroleum
  • Treating water and other chemical impurities within specialized treating compartments
  • Office administration and management

Petroleum Refining Industry Education, Training, and Qualifications

The education and training requirements in the petroleum refining industry jobs depends on the type of the profile. The refinery operators require a high school degree to be hired. Entry-level operators work under experienced operators. Several organizations provide formal education to their employees training these individuals on plant operations. These employees are also trained in maintaining the specialized equipments in the refinery. Other profiles, such as engineers, managers, and professional individuals should possess a bachelor’s degree.

Petroleum Refining Industry Degrees, Courses, and Certification

A high school degree is basic requirement for petroleum refinery operators while managers, engineers and other professional personnel should complete a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. Taking up a course that imparts knowledge on working with the special refining equipment is beneficial to individuals looking for an opportunity in petroleum refineries. Acquiring any certification that enables the individuals to work with computer operated equipments and instruments is highly advised for finding employment in the petroleum refining industry.

Petroleum Refining Industry Skills and Specifications

  • In-depth knowledge of working on special refinery tools, machinery, and other equipment
  • Completing minor repairs to the refining equipments
  • Computer skills
  • Capable of working with a team of other individuals
  • Willingness to remain on site for extended periods
  • Ability to train assistants and other junior employees

Petroleum Refining Industry Salary

The average annual salary for a job in the petroleum refining industry is between $37,500 and $85,000.

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