Solar Power Sales Job Description

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Solar Power Sales Job Profile and Description

Alternate energy is the need of the hour in today’s world, as the earth’s natural resources are gradually depleting. Solar energy is one of the most popular green energy solutions, whereby, energy from the sun is trapped in the solar panels and the radiation is converted to electrical energy which is used to power anything from appliances to lights to plants. But in order to make more and more people aware of this, companies specializing in solar energy should have good sales people who will promote this.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Solar power sales persons are responsible for generating sales of PV Systems at residential and commercial customers
  • They have to analyze the site in order to find out which particular solar energy apparatus is apt for what requirement
  • They should also evaluate the customer’s electrical usage to find out his requirements
  • They may have to give demonstrations and find out prospective customers, besides maintaining relations with the existing ones
  • They have to give presentations of proposals and also submit reports of their sales figures
  • They need to work in coordination with other divisions and follow deadlines and targets
  • They should comply with the environment and safety guidelines

Skills and Specifications

  • A solar power sales person should have detailed knowledge of the product and its features
  • He should have excellent communication and negotiation skills
  • He should be excellent with numbers and have good networking skills
  • He should be able to follow deadlines and work under pressure

Education and Qualifications

Like any sales job, people in this line should possess a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business management with specialization in sales. Most corganizations provide on the job training to their sales persons, as this field requires some specialized knowledge.

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