Water Well Drilling Job Description

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Water well drilling job profile and description

Water well drilling job includes drilling wells to tap the groundwater resources for laying bore wells, irrigation wells and for domestic, commercial and industrial purposes. After the well is dug, the drilling operators have to report to the government or the authorized authorities.

Water well drilling job duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a water well drilling jobholder are:

  • Assemble a crew of drilling helpers, rig operators and service helpers
  • Assemble and check the drilling equipment
  • Ensure safe transportation of the drilling rig to the place of work
  • Set up the drilling rig where water is required
  • Drill into the ground and set up shafts for pumping water
  • Supervise the drilling operations and the performance of the rig
  • Provide plastic or steel lining to the shaft to prevent caving in of the earth in the well
  • Try and repair caved in or broken water wells
  • Close wells that are not functional anymore

Water well drilling job skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of a water well drilling jobholder are:

  • Efficiency in work to prevent loss of money and labor that may be caused due to drilling in the wrong place or inefficient lining
  • Good analysis skills in order to analyze the place of drilling or broken down wells
  • A sound knowledge about the use of drilling machine and placement of lining
  • Good communication and leadership skills is required to instruct the workers

Water well drilling job education and qualification

A person wanting to obtain a job in water well drilling sector should have a degree or diploma course from a recognized university offering well drilling course.

Water well driller salary

A water well drilling job holder in United States earns an average salary of $40,000 yearly.

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