Clinical Pharmacologist Job Description

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Clinical pharmacologist Job Description and Profile

A clinical Pharmacologist is responsible for the research and development of medicinal drugs. He will do intensive research in the area of human medical concerns and find out what effect different drugs can have on human anatomy. The human biological structure is very compound and it requires tremendous dedication and subject knowledge to diagnose a disease and further carry out research for the cure or treatment. A clinical pharmacologist carries out research on animal tissue also known as vitro research.

Clinical pharmacologist Duties and Responsibilities

  • He is responsible to carry out research and find out drugs for the treatment
  • He is responsible for bring out new treatments for diseases
  • He must be continuously working towards innovation of new and effective drugs
  • His job also involves working on different technology and equipment for his innovations
  • He must have planned designs for his research
  • His paper work must be precise and error free for the final treatment.
  • He is also responsible for documentation of future drug tests.
  • He must following the guidelines given for drug tests that are conducted on regular basis
  • He must follow the research of other team members and keeps a track of that

Clinical pharmacologist Education, Training and Qualifications

A clinical pharmacologist must have education qualification in biological sciences, desired qualification is masters in pharmacology and also knowledge in more than one of these subjects like molecular and cell biology, chemistry, pharmacology, physiology and toxicology increases the chance of employment

Clinical pharmacologist Degrees, Courses & Certification

Apart from subject knowledge certification courses in documentation, report writing, project management and data interpretation will be helpful once you start working on projects. A clinical pharmacologist must have science and research license for carrying out research on animals.

Clinical pharmacologist Skills and Specifications

  • He must be a team player as research is a team work
  • He must strictly follow standing operating guidelines while using equipments
  • He must be good in oral and written communication
  • He must be well aware of the after effects of drugs for reactions and allergies
  • He is also responsible for preparing duty charts for other technical staff members
  • He is required to write papers on his research and submit it to the clinical laboratory senior scientists
  • He must have eye for detailing as job role is very sensitive as it deals with human life

Clinical pharmacologist‘s Salary/Wage

A clinical Pharmacologist’s annual salary ranges from $25,000 to $110,000 depending upon the experience in the field.

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