Clinical Research Pharmacist Job Description

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Clinical research pharmacist Job Description and Profile

A clinical research pharmacist works in close association with patients and health care providers. They inform and educate patients about the usage, dose and effects of drugs. He analyzes the medical history of the patient and designs a therapy plan for effective treatment. A clinical research pharmacist is knowledgeable about traditional and nontraditional ways of therapies and carries out research to find new treatments to combat diseases

Clinical research pharmacist Duties and Responsibilities

  • He is responsible for finding out a patient’s medical history and line of treatment
  • He along with other healthcare professionals must design a treatment plan for patient
  • He must know the treatment procedures recommended by the healthcare professional
  • He must design and develop therapy programs after carefully analyzing the medical case history of patient
  • His only job role is not to fill the prescriptions but explain it to the patient educating them about dosage and ill effects about usage of the drug
  • He must through research design different therapy programs for different treatments for patients of oncology, neurology and psychiatrics.

Clinical research pharmacist Education, Training and Qualifications

A clinical research pharmacist must appear in series of written exams and qualify them to possess a degree of doctor. Basically he must possess a degree in pharmacy from an accredited university or college. To carry out research in the field they must opt for different fellowship programs.

Clinical research pharmacist Degrees, Courses & Certification

A clinical research pharmacist must undertake dynamic training and opt for fellowship programs for post graduate degrees in the field of research.

Clinical research pharmacist Skills and Specifications

  • He must be a team player and a patient listener
  • He must follow the standard guidelines for preparing different treatment therapy plans
  • He must have eye for detailing while handling prescriptions for traditional therapy plans
  • He must keep safety measures in mind while experimenting with poisonous or hazardous drug compound
  • He must be computer savvy as most clinical researchers keep computerized record of patient’s therapy
  • He must be careful with drug therapy to avoid any negative impact on patient
  • He must have good verbal and written communication for counseling and preparing case histories and therapy plans of patients

Clinical research pharmacist‘s Salary/Wage

A Clinical research pharmacist’s salary ranges from $95,000 to $125, 000 annually in addition to incentives and also some companies offer profit share schemes.

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