Hospital Pharmacist Job Description

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Hospital Pharmacist Job Profile and Description

Every hospital needs to have a pharmacy, where the pharmacists have to dispense medicine according to hospital regulations and doctor prescriptions. They also help to guide patients and provide them with expert knowledge on use and safety of the medicines.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Hospital pharmacists need to ensure that the best treatment option has been chosen and work with health care professionals like doctors to form the most effective treatment for the patient
  • They have to go around the ward on rounds either with or without the doctor to play an active role in the treatment process in terms of drug prescription
  • They make sure that the patient understands the drug, what side effects it may have and any possible reactions with other drugs and also suggest what diet to follow
  • He works with the physicians and nurses and other health care professional involved with the patient’s case to create an effective drug treatment
  • He should counsel and educate the patients on the effects, dosage and its administration
  • He has to monitor the side effects that the patient may have due to the drugs and in such a case should suggest a new or alternative drug treatment
  • He should also ensure the medications are given under sterile conditions and the drugs are stored according to drug container specifications
  • All the medicines should be checked in order to ensure the proper dosage is being provided and that the form (cream, tablet, inhaler) is appropriate
  • They should follow guidelines created within the hospital and they should be properly communicated to the staff

Skills and Specifications

  • They should have good communication skills
  • They must be good with numbers
  • Good knowledge of the medicines is important in this filed.

Education and Qualifications

Hospital pharmacists should have a diploma in pharmacy technician’s courses and must have experience in the medical background for at least a year.

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