Industrial Pharmacist Job Description

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Industrial pharmacist Job Description and Profile

An industrial pharmacist works for a pharmaceutical company or for government agency for carrying out research in the area of drugs or medical sciences. They work in close association with chemists, toxicologists and pharmacologists for research and development of a new drug or finding enhanced positive and negative effects of existing drugs. They can along with other researchers in different streams give guidelines about usage of drugs. In some organizations they also help in marketing of the products.

Industrial pharmacist Duties and Responsibilities

  • He is responsible for carrying out research in the field of medicinal drugs
  • He is responsible to find out good and bad effects of a particular drug compound
  • He is responsible to use different technology and equipment under the strict operating guidelines
  • He is responsible to oversee the production process of medicines
  • He is also responsible to check the expiry dates print on the medicines
  • He must be keep himself updated with technology and new innovations in production equipments
  • He must produce papers and give seminars on his topics of research
  • He must keep an eye on industry trend as far as pharmacy industry is concerned
  • He must be well aware about any new innovation launched by the competitor
  • He must do lab work during research, testing and production
  • He must know the entire production process of a drug

Industrial pharmacist Education, Training and Qualifications

An industrial pharmacist must possess a Pharma D degree from a reputed university or college. A master degree in the field is always an advantage for landing in the best job. This is a full time course of four years along with internship.

Industrial pharmacist Degrees, Courses & Certification

An industrial pharmacist can do certification course in the process of production which gives an added advantage for climbing the growth ladder fast although it is not an important qualification.

Industrial pharmacist Skills and Specifications

  • He must be a team player and motivating team leader
  • He must be good orator and a fine writer
  • He must be good at documentation and report writing
  • He must prepare duty charts for other technical teams
  • He must check the efficiency of the drug in combating diseases
  • He must check the quality standards required in drug production
  • He must use safety measures while working on poisonous or hazardous drug compounds

Industrial pharmacist‘s Salary/Wage

An industrial pharmacist’s salary ranges from $85,000 to $115,000 as per his experience and the company he is working for.

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